As one of most experienced coal mining operations in Central Appalachia, Kopper Glo Mining, LLC knows the importance of quality. From our wide range of coal and coal blends to our transportation options and highly-experienced management team, Kopper Glo Mining, LLC is well positioned to offer our Utility, Industrial, and Export customers the products and services they require.

Processing and Transportation

The Kopper Glo Mining, LLC property is equipped with a modern preparation plant that is rated at 300 tons per hour, 1.5 million raw tons per year. Kopper Glo Mining, LLC’s prep plant has the ability to store several different qualities of coal to better serve our customer base. Our state-of-the-art unit train loading facility utilizes a clean coal silo to directly load rail cars for shipment to the marketplace. Up to 110 rail cars can be loaded at the Kopper Glo Mining, LLC facility in less than four hours. Automated computer scales weigh each rail car and truck to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations, while an automated conveyor sampling system is used to guarantee the coal’s quality. Kopper Glo Mining, LLC is one of the few operations that has access to both the has dual Norfolk-Southern and CSX Railroads.

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Safety Standards and Awards

Processing and Operations 2 Kopper Glo Mining

At Kopper Glo Mining, LLC, operating safely is our highest priority. The safety programs at Kopper Glo Mining, LLC are based on the concept of changing behaviors, striving for continuous improvement, and most importantly, are conceived by the individuals closest to the mining operations; because the team members at Kopper Glo Mining, LLC know their jobs better than anyone else.

From 2014 to 2018 Kopper Glo Mining, LLC has received a total of six (6) Certificates for Achievements in Safety from the US Department of Labor.

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Environmental Standards

Environmental Standards 2 Kopper Glo Mining

Kopper Glo Mining, LLC is committed to environmentally responsible mining and conducts its operations with the highest regard for the land.

In partnership with the University of Tennessee, Kopper Glo Mining, LLC conducts a variety of scientific experiments on their mine sites, including sedimentation studies, designed to improve the reclamation process. Through their involvement with the Appalachian Reforestation Regional Institute, UT distributes the findings throughout Appalachia ensuring the entire region’s reclamation efforts benefit.

Plans for reclamation begin in the initial permitting phase and must be approved by a variety of experts before mining can begin. Kopper Glo Mining, LLC works closely with state and federal regulators and community interests to ensure that lands return to their natural state once mining is complete.

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